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We completely disassemble all diesel fuel injection pumps. We are factory trained to find the problem and not assume that the problem was corrected in the rebuild process. Completely disassembling your pump is the key to finding and correcting the problems. All the parts of your pump are completely cleaned and all rebuilds are performed in the cleanest environment. All parts that are worn beyond specifications,missing, incorrect or borderline are replaced. A variety of inspections and test are performed on all parts. We use the best equipment and tools and our expert knowledge to determine what parts if any will need replaced we only install the parts that your pump requires. All assembly is performed while sticking to strict specifications. Finally, all pumps are completely tested and calibrated on one of our diesel fuel injection pump test stands. This assures that your pump will be leak free and working properly mechanically, and performing to specifications. All pumps are calibrated to the highest allowable fuel delivery specifications for maximum performance. All pumps come with a twelve month warranty.


Our rebuilt injectors provide the same performance as brand new injectors at a fraction of the cost. All of our injectors are completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. All nozzles are thrown away and replaced with brand new ones. We never reuse or regrind any nozzle regardless of its condition. Any parts that are worn beyond specifications, missing, incorrect or borderline are replaced. All injectors are assembled in a clean environment. We test and calibrate every injector to assure maximum performance. Every rebuilt injector comes with all o-rings and copper seals that are required for installation. All of our rebuilt injectors come with a twelve month warranty.

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